Support System

Support System


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To create a website for a provider of commercial access control solutions that will offer quick and comfortable management for customer’s problems by employees. The employee’s workspace has to include a kanban board for managing client’s tickets. Also, the site needs a specific mail parser to create a ticket from a customer’s email. Finally, the website should have admin controls to manage employees and the site settings.

Qdesk 2


For the client side, we decided to use Vue.js, because it is a lightweight framework with a wide range of tools for developers. 

For the server side, we were using ASP.NET due to good security and scalability. 

For the background service, we were using a .NET worker which implements next tools: mail parsing, Xero integration and ticket automation

Key Features

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The website can create a ticket from a customer’s mail, also the parser could parse a customer’s feedback for an employee’s solution. Employees can manage tickets through the kanban board. In addition, the site has the option to send HTML emails to customers or employees to notify them about some actions. Also, it includes ticket automation tools to automatically move tickets within the kanban, according to specific rules, and notify customers and employees about it.


The system was created to support customers more effectively. It includes functionality to help employees solve customers’ problems through the friendly interface, to smart manage tickets using the ticket automation tool and to integrate with some external services such as Xero and others.

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